Learning Academies

As Challengers and image bearers for Christ, it is our goal to pursue excellence every day. We challenge our staff and students to have a growth mindset in all facets of life in pursuit of Godly excellence. These codes are written on our walls in each academy and serve as a daily reminder to all to grow in our spiritual, academic, and social lives each day.

Knight Academy (9-12) Code

As a Knight,
I pledge to honor God,
Pursue Wisdom,
And model Compassion.

Squire Academy (6-8) Code

I desire to be a Squire
That I might serve my God and King,
Aspire to learn,
And earn the respect of All.

Page Academy (k4-5) Code

As a Page,
I want to love God,
Treat myself and others with respect,
And learn new things everyday.