Alumni Chapters

  • MMS Alumni Association Chapters may be formed all around the nation and world.
  • Chapters will be numbered and named, but not have geographic limits.
  • Each chapter will be led by a chapter Director.
  • Chapters and directorates may include “honorary” alumni after Homecoming 2018. Non-alumni members will be considered for leadership on a case-by-case basis by the Leadership Committee.
  • Each chapter will make application, meet regularly and achieve/exceed minimum requirements. Guidelines and standards are to be set by the Leadership Committee and approved by MMS.
  • Chapter activities could include events/activities like: speakers/presentations, banquets, regular luncheons, fundraisers, sports, community service projects, homecoming prep, etc.
  • Chapter fundraising competitions, a dues structure, and other association development options will be addressed by the Leadership Committee to help provide funds to accomplish the association’s goals.