MMS Alumni are enabled by a leadership team, led by the Alumni Director, and supported by the Office of Alumni Relations, located within the MMS Administration. The team has taken the name CADRE, an acrostic meaning Challenger Alumni Development & Resource Element.   We thought this an appropriate name as a common meaning of the word Cadre is – “A nucleus of trained personnel around which a larger organization can be built and trained” (The Free Dictionary).

The MMS Alumni CADRE is currently comprised of alumni volunteers. Over the next three years, plans are to establish new Alumni Association “chapters” around the nation (and perhaps beyond). Each of these chapters will be led by a Chapter Director. Eventually, CADRE membership will consist of Chapter Directors.

Alumni Director:  Wanda Beery,
Treasurer:  Chris Mitchell,

Other CADRE members: Gary Runyon, Joyce Mize, Ryan Mullins, Mickey Legesse and Gediyon Kifle