Strategic Plan


The Mountain Mission School Alumni Association is defined as the collection of all those who attended, were employed by, or graduated from, Mountain Mission School. We aspire to be the primary link between Mountain Mission School and its growing family of Alumni across the globe, to commit them to the School’s mission of “rescuing kids, raising leaders and reaching nations,” and to motivate them to give back.


The purpose of the MMS Alumni Association is to promote the welfare of Mountain Mission School by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between the School and its ever-growing worldwide community of Alumni.

  • The Alumni Association provides and supports Alumni programs and services, facilitates communication with Alumni, and seeks to strengthen Alumni bonds of fellowship, professional
    association and school affiliation.
  • The Alumni Association leverages the resources, talents, and initiatives of Alumni and friends to advise, guide, advocate for and support the Association and the School in achieving their respective missions and goals.
  • The Alumni Association provides an Alumni network and encourages Alumni engagement in the life of the School.
  • The Alumni Association coordinates activities for advancing the School’s academic, residential,  spiritual, administrative, athletic and outreach programs.
  • The Alumni Association encourages Alumni to stay connected and serve as advocates for the school.
  • Core Values

    The cornerstone of our core values is found in Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of our faith and salvation, as  expressed in the School motto, Soli Deo Gloria (“Glory to God Alone”). All of our endeavors are to be  done with excellence, love, humility, gratitude and self-sacrifice, to the glory of God alone.

  • We value human diversity and the enrichment it brings to our lives and acknowledge our differences, rejecting all forms of prejudice.
  • We value integrity, civility, honesty, and ethical behavior and strive to maintain a working environment that is built on mutual respect, understanding and freedom of expression.
  • We value fellowship, personal growth and development, and the concept of community: local, regional, and global.

    Strategic Goals

    1. Establish the MMS Alumni Association as an organization that is responsive to the needs of Alumni and willing to provide volunteer service and/or support to strengthen and advance the School.
    2. Provide core programs such as Homecomings, Alumni chapters, an Alumni directory, giving and service opportunities, and other fundamental services that link Alumni to the School.
    3. Continually enrich the relationship with and between Alumni chapter organizations by supporting their volunteer leadership and program development to ensure the long-term health and viability of the chapter network.
    4. Maintain an effective Alumni Association leadership team (referred to as the CADRE) by continually infusing interested and dynamic Alumni leaders who can provide professional experience, creative thinking and diverse personal and cultural backgrounds for the benefit of the Alumni Association and the School.
    5. Provide an effective messaging program, distributed using all appropriate types of communication media, in order to increase Alumni interest, and engage greater numbers of Alumni in both on- and off-campus programs.
    6. Work with the School’s educational and administrative leadership in order to help satisfy MMS graduates’ post-secondary education needs.
    7. Maintain strong relationships with MMS senior leadership and administrative personnel to ensure awareness of short- and long-term goals and needs of the School.
    8. Recognize Alumni, Faculty and Students for commendable service, achievements and professional excellence in order to honor and showcase them within the MMS family.
    9. Create opportunities for Students to affiliate with the Alumni Association, thereby increasing awareness and commitment to its mission and goals.
    10. Develop and continually renew the financial resources required to sustain the Association and to ensure its support of the School.
    11. Continually measure, evaluate or otherwise attempt to assess each strategic initiative to determine its effectiveness in supporting the Association and/or School.