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Before moving here, I grew up with my mom who was addicted to drugs. I rarely attended school because she was never sober enough to take me. At MMS I feel safe because I know the people here really care about me. I am able to go to school and get a great education.

Since I was 7 years old I dreamed of one day becoming a doctor who would deliver babies. I feel that’s what God wants me to be. I think that’s why He brought me to Mountain Mission School. Being here is pat of the journey to living my dream. God is making my path straight and I am excited about my future.

— Salome, Grade 6


I came to Mountain Mission School when I was 16, homeless and flunking out of High School. Having moved countless times looking for a stable home, Mountain Mission School has been a safe haven for me. It’ a blessing to not have to worry about where my net meal will come from or having to find a safe place to sleep. MMS has provided me with an excellent education that will help me towards my dream of being a pharmacist or therapist. With God’s help, I plan on attending Emory & Henry in the fall. I am thankful for all He has provided to give me a hope and a future. Thank you for your sponsorship —it has opened the world to me.

— Roosevelt, 2016 Graduate


I started playing trumpet just a year ago, not long before I moved to MMS. I want to be a musician when I grow up and worship the Lord with my trumpet. I love Psalm 150 because it talks about praising the Lord with my trumpet.

Soccer is my favorite sport, but I love basketball, too. I never played basketball before coming to MMS. I’m still learning English, but my favorite subject is Math. I like MMS because it is a good school and I get time to play and practice my trumpet.

My dad always told me to help two or more people when I grow up. MMS is helping me do that. Thank you!

— Emmanuel