The Foolish Boy and the Wise Tiger

Written by Caleb

A long time ago, in a village in China there lived a young man named Liang Po, who wanted to change the world for the better. So one day Liang went up to his father, the wisest man in the village, and asked how he could change the world.  Liang Po’s father was astonished that his son wanted to impact the world at the age of 17, yet he spoke to him respectfully.

“This question is greater than any I have ever heard and I have no answer to it, but there is one who knows the answer to your question.  If you travel the two day journey to the jungle, there is said to be an all knowing tiger, who can answer any question.”

So Liang, desperate for an answer, traveled the two day journey to the jungle on horseback.  Once he reached the vast jungle, he quickly began his search, and in no time at all, he quickly found a large temple in the middle of the jungle and boldly began to approach it.

“Hello is anyone here?” said Liang hearing his voice reverberate throughout the massive halls. “I have journeyed for two days to reach here to find the magical tiger who knows all the answers to the world, thinking that he may find favor in me and answer a question for me.”

As Liang was walking in, he heard a booming voice come from deep within the massive temple.

“How dare you come to me, expecting me to answer your query?” said what appeared to be a particularly large tiger.

“My intentions are pure; all I want to know is how to change the world,” said Liang boldly.

“You ignorant child, you come to me wanting to change the world, but you haven’t even attempted the task of changing yourself,” said the tiger.

Suddenly, the tiger jumped at the boy and ferociously devoured Liang because of the boy’s ignorance.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.