The Horse and the Chimpanzee

Written by Nehemya

A horse named Muse lived in Mokele, a town located in a jungle in Congo. He was a great, big horse that was owned by the best chimpanzee hunter in the town, Tokre. Every week, the hunters would go out into the jungle and sell chimps, which lived in profusion there. They were a favorite dish of the Mokeles and sold anywhere from two thousand to three thousand francs!

One day, all the hunters in town gathered together to celebrate Mokelo Day. Every year on the second day of the third month, the hunters have the biggest hunt of the year. They ventured out of the town at sundown and began hunting.

“The chimps are quiet tonight,” Muse said.

“That is because they are scared of us,” said the Mahiti, another horse.

“I think that they have figured out when we planned to attack.”

All of a sudden, dozens of chimps jumped out of the trees onto the hunters. A lieutenant of the chimps, Kuba, jumped on Tokre and killed him, but Tokre crippled Kuba as he died. Half of the hunters retreated as Tokre died. Muse saw two baby chimps and their mother come and embrace Kuba, for they thought he would surely be trampled by Muse.

“Climb on, chimp, if you want to live,” Muse told Kuba.

The mother chimp hoisted Kuba onto the horse, but as soon as Katra mounted, Muse bolted away from the hunters that were still occupied by the other chimps. He knew that the hunters would soon come after Kuba, for they knew he was a lieutenant. Muse stayed away from the battle until it ended. He then took Kuba back to his family.

“Thank you. None of the other animals will help us,” said Caesar, the king of the apes.

“It is my pleasure. I am sorry I ever participated in such a thing as this. I see that you have a family as do I, and I will help you chimpanzees want nothing to happen to your families, and neither do I,” said Muse.

Kuba’s legs healed months later, and the relationship between Kuba and Muse grew. Muse helped hundreds of chimpanzees escape with their lives from the twisted hunters, but no hunters spotted him. His family and friends had no inkling that he was alive, but Muse knew there was a sacrifice for nobility.

One day, when Muse was helping a baby chimp, a hunter spotted him and shot the chimp off his back. He noticed that Muse was helping the chimps, so he shot Muse in his side. Kuba saw Muse lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood and went on a rampage, creating a bloodbath that killed at least half of the hunters. Once the rest retreated, Katra went over to Muse. He tried everything he could but could not save Muse.

The last thing Muse said before he took his last breath was, “If I could do it all over again, I would. Nobility is its own reward, but my nobility created a friendship with you as well. For that, I am thankful.”

Nobility is always rewarded, either within or without.