Mind Your Own Business

Written by Rebecca

A long time ago, in the African savannah, all the animals lived in peace. Each animal was content with its domain except for the nosy, gossiping giraffes. These short-necked giraffes were very annoying. None of the other animals really liked the giraffes due to their guile.

One day, a giraffe said, “Let’s go see what the monkeys are happily chattering about.” The monkeys seemed to have a lot of fun in the high treetops.  The giraffes stretched their necks to see what was going on. Every day they would stretch their necks to see the fun the monkeys had. Soon enough, the neck-stretching began to cause excruciating pain.

To make the pain subside, they would bite their tongues. Eventually, due to the lack of blood reaching their tongues, their tongues turned blue. They would go around and tell all the animals of the new gossip, for nobody but the birds knew of the monkeys’ fun. When they were asked how they knew, they would say that they turned into monkeys at night. The lion argued saying, “I know you are lying. You were nosy and stretched your necks to see what the monkeys were up to. Therefore, you tongues turned blue because you bit them from the pain your necks caused you.”

The giraffes were ashamed and became the laughing stock of the savannah. They came and entreated the lion to say that the giraffes were being honest. The lion replied, “Maybe next time you’ll mind your own business.”