Seventy years after Jimmy’s arrival (see story below), Mountain Mission still offers a home to children in tragic circumstances. Just a few months ago, little two-year-old Mulki came to our door in a situation not unlike Jimmy’s. Her mother had died during childbirth, and her father was having difficulty raising Mulki and her brother. The father, a refugee from Africa, had a job, but it was far from his home, and childcare was a constant struggle.

Without a family he could turn to for help—and after exhausting the assistance from local agencies—the father extended a heartfelt plea to Mountain Mission: “I am in a troubled situation. I request that Mountain Mission School see my situation, my problem, to understand and help me and the children. I want them to grow up at the school. I need emergency help.”

Mountain Mission was able to answer his cry, and today, Mulki and her brother have the safe, stable environment her father so desperately desired for his children.