Pleasing All the World

Written by Isaac

One day, while a pregnant mother, a grandfather, a boy, and their pet T-Rex were hiking down a large trail, they were confronted by a farmer. He asked them why the dinosaur wasn’t being ridden.

The son answered, “I don’t know, I never thought about riding it before.”

“The dinosaur is huge, and I think the pregnant lady should ride it,” he said while winking at the woman.

“I think so too,” said the grandfather.

Later, while walking further down the trail, they saw a birdwatcher. As they passed the birdwatcher, she said, “Why is the elderly man walking down the trail? I think he should ride with the lady.”

“You know,” said the grandfather in a brusque voice, “I am getting a bit tired.”

The elderly man got on the dinosaur, and he said he was feeling better. Now with the mother and grandfather on the back of the T-Rex, it was getting tired. The group kept walking a few more minutes and they came upon some backpackers.

The backpackers saw the dinosaur, its riders, and the little boy, and said, “We think that the young boy should ride with you on the dinosaur because he looks tired and he has young legs.”

“Maybe I should,” said the young boy with enthusiasm.

“Get up on here,” said the boy’s mother and grandfather.

When the boy got up on the dinosaur, the beast became even more tired and started breathing heavier. The dinosaur walked about ten more minutes and almost fell down.

“Oh my,” said the mother, “we need to give him a rest.”

“Go get some water my boy,” said the grandfather, “he is most likely dehydrated from the heat in the air.”

As the boy went to get some water, he found some Boy Scouts, and he asked them where he could find some water.

“You could borrow some of our water bottles,” said the Scouts.

“I need it for my pet T- Rex,” said the boy frantically, “I don’t think a few water bottles could quench the thirst of that big of a pet.”

“We have cases of water,” said the scouts, “We’ll help you carry the water to your pet.”

“Thank you!” said the boy gratefully.

When they got to the dinosaur, it wasn’t unconscious, so it drank all the water and regained all its strength. Everyone was happy and the family invited the Scouts to have dinner with them that night, and the Scouts agreed.

“Even though you can’t please all the world,” said the grandfather like a sage, “you can always please someone.”