Educational Philosophy

MMS Education supports the organization wide mission of Rescuing Kids, Raising Leaders, and Reaching Nations by impacting students and in turn the world through Academic Excellence, Athletic Prowess, and Artistic Beauty all to God’s glory.

We believe that education is a Biblical imperative. Likewise, we believe the mandate in scripture to work unto the Lord (Col 3:23) applies to all areas of life, including the education of our children. It is because of our beliefs that we seek to glorify God by teaching all subject areas through the lens of scripture. It is through this Biblical worldview that we teach every day in our classrooms that we seek to develop young men and women who apply Christian principles in their lives, are leaders, reach their academic potential, and participate as Godly members of their home, church, and society.

Our core classes include Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Bible. While our primary focus is preparing students for college (over 95% successfully transition to college) we also have a variety of elective courses and a vocational and applied sciences program.

Another of our core beliefs is that we are independent beings made in the likeness of God, and that as His children we all are capable of learning.  Furthermore, we believe that individual students learn differently from one another as unique creations of the Creator.  A few ways we consider this in our teaching and learning for individual student success are:

  • Use of different learning modalities
  • Differentiated/Individual Instruction
  • Tutoring/Intervention
  • Implementation of Technology
  • Assess/Teach/Reassess for Individual Mastery

We use multiple measures in assessing our students to ensure accuracy. On top of formative and summative assessments within the classroom we administer the Scholastic Reading Inventory, Star Math Assessment, MAP, and Terra Nova at several points each school year. We monitor the data gleaned from these assessments to guide our decision making and to make sure we are meeting student growth goals throughout the year. These assessments are also used to place students into academically appropriate grade levels and courses.